Events Organized by Lions Club Organization

Lions Club is the biggest services organization not only in the United States of America but in the entire world. Therefore, in case you are interested in finding out what are the projects that the team is trying to complete, make yourself comfortable and continue to have a look at this article. We will show you the most important events that this organization has for the near future.


On the first day of December the Lions Club Organization has the the following event: Postmark deadline for a governor to send a winning Peace Poster entry to several district council chairperson and also for those clubs that don’t belong to districts and districts that don’t belong to multiple districts to send a winning Peace Poster entry to the Public Affairs Division. Other events in December 2018 are:

– International Leo Day, 1st of December

– ISAAME Forum, 5th to 8th of December (Dubai)

– Leo ISAAME Forum (Dubai), 5th to 8th of December (Dubai)

– Postmark deadline for several district council chairperson to give a winning Peace Poster to the PAD – 15th of December

-Postmark deadline for several district council chairperson to send a winning essay to the PAD, 15th of December

The next year, the organization also has a few interesting events. Here is what you must not miss:

– Executive Committee Meeting, 8th of January (Oak Brook)

– LCIF Board of Trustees Meeting, 9th to 11th of January (Oak Brook)

– Last Day for Early Discount on Convention Registration Fees, 11th of January

– Melvin Jones’ Birthday, 13th of January

– Leo Club Program Advisory Panel, 15th of January

– Peace Poster Kits, 15th of January

– FOLAC Forum, 16th to 19th of January (Rosario, Argentina)

February 2019 will also be a very busy month. Here are the events planned for this month.

International Peace Poster Winners, 1st of February

Application Deadline for Diabetes and Matching grants, 8th of February

First Vice District Governor – Elect Seminar, 12th to 14th of February

International Childhood Cancer Day, 15th of February

Other wonderful events will take place throughout the year and anyone who is interested to learn more about the Lions Club Organization is most welcome to attend any of the above events or others. Even if you are traveling alone to the locations where the events will take place we are sure that you will meet there lovely people and you will make long-lasting connections, especially if this is your area of interest as well. Keep in mind that if you just do not want to be alone you always have the option to hire an escort no matter the place you are traveling to. Escorts can be found these days in nearly every corner of the world and they don’t only offer pleasure but company as well. Look for a girl and talk to her about what you actually want from her and also mention where the event will take place, the date, and the duration as well. All these details are very important and the escort must know them exactly so that she can tell you if she agrees with your requests or not. However, in most cases escorts also travel with their clients to different places, events, and so on, just to keep them company.

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